Metallica and Lou Reed’s ‘Lulu’ Streaming Online In Its Entirety
Can't wait any longer to finally listen to the much-hyped Metallica / Lou Reed joint 'Lulu?" You're in luck! Just one day after releasing 30-second audio snippets of each track from the album, "Loutallica" have unleashed 'Lulu' in full force and its now streaming in its entirety online. Look below for a direct link to the stream.
Lou Reed & Metallica Offer Book and Poster Editions of ‘Lulu’ CD
Depending on how deep one's pockets are, there's are plenty of bonus items to be found alongside Lou Reed and Metallica's collaborative album 'Lulu' when it's available Nov. 1. The Loutallica official store lists packages as simple as just the double album on CD for $19.99 up to a deluxe poster box set for $119.99.
Lou Reed & Metallica Reveal Tube-Shaped Deluxe Edition of ‘Lulu’
By now, you’re no doubt counting down the days until the much ballyhooed collaboration between Lou Reed & Metallica lands in stores on Nov. 1. Well, we’ve got some good news for collectors and uber-fans of the nascent Loutallica project. ‘Lulu’ will be issued as a deluxe version in what looks like some very creative packaging.
Longer Lou Reed & Metallica ‘The View’ Song Clip Revealed
Another audio clip of 'The View,' the first single from the Lou Reed & Metallica collaborative album 'Lulu,' has been posted online. A 30-second clip leaked earlier this week, but this even longer, 90-second version proves that "Loutallica" sounds exactly like what you'd expect: an unexpected meshing of both artists' unique styles. It's certainly different, with both Metallica and Re

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