We've all been a little worried about Lemmy Kilmister's health in recent years, but the Motörhead frontman insists he's doing fine.

In fact, as he joked during a recent interview with the Guardian, even if battling a spate of medical woes left him, by his own admission, "close to death" at one point, no one needs to worry about his decades of hard living catch up with him anytime soon. "Apparently," he quipped, "I am still indestructible."

The article notes that Lemmy's aides continue to wonder whether switching out Jack and Coke for vodka and orange juice really counts as a move toward a healthier lifestyle, and he admits he has to walk with a cane these days ("my legs are f---ed"), but he steadfastly maintains that he has no plans to ever retire, saying he'll keep performing "as long as I can walk the few yards from the back to the front of the stage without a stick ... or even if I do have to use a stick."

That refusal to go quietly makes plenty of sense; after all, rock 'n' roll has been very good to him over the years. "You get all these birds fastening themselves upon you. And you get a lot of drinks and a lot of presents," he noted. "So, it’s pretty good. You get everything for free – I’ve got money now and I never have to spend it."

Lemmy can presumably look forward to plenty of birds and free drinks when Motörhead begin their next set of tour dates later this summer, starting with a North American trek in support of their upcoming Bad Magic LP. Check out the band's complete list of scheduled U.S. shows.

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