Led Zeppelin have offered fans their first taste of the previously unreleased material to be included with the band's upcoming deluxe reissue of In Through the Out Door.

The expanded and remastered Door closes out Zeppelin's recent trawl through their classic catalog on July 31, when it's scheduled to arrive alongside the other two final releases in the reissue series, 1976's Presence and 1982's Coda. As with the previous reissues, all three will be available as single remastered CDs, deluxe-edition multi-disc sets with unreleased companion audio, single remastered LPs on 180-gram vinyl, deluxe-edition remastered vinyl LPs with companion audio and as digital download remasters, as well as super deluxe box sets.

You can hear above "In the Evening (Rough Mix)," an unadorned version of the In Through the Out Door opening track that shoves the song's synths to the back of the mix and presents singer Robert Plant's vocals without the reverb heard in the final mix. It's one of several cuts that offer a glimpse into the band's process during the sessions, along with early versions of "Carouselambra" (titled "The Epic"), "All My Love" (titled "The Hook") and "I'm Gonna Crawl" (titled "Blot").

"In the Evening (Rough Mix)" follows pre-release sneak peeks at the other two final installments in the Zeppelin reissue series. You can also hear the reference mix of "Hots on for Nowhere" tucked into the expanded Presence and the previously unreleased "Sugar Mama" from Coda.

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