After releasing a teaser video last week, today Led Zeppelin have unleashed a full on first look at the contents of the upcoming ‘Led Zeppelin III’ box set.

With the mighty ‘Immigrant Song’ chugging along in the background, this latest unboxing video displays exactly what consumers can expect from the band’s newest offering. Included within the set is a 180-gram vinyl version of the record with replica spinning sleeve, along with a second disc of audio extras, a hard-bound 80-page book, the high-quality print of the original album cover and a high-definition digital download card.

In a recent interview, the band’s guitarist Jimmy Page detailed his reasons for going through and remastering the group’s back catalog. “The original Led Zeppelin analog tapes were done for vinyl. Then they made CDs of the original analog tapes, and not very well, I might add. The CDs sounded horrible to me in those early days.”

Page went on, explaining that, “That was 20 years ago. Now you think of all the listening formats around today, especially what’s been developed over the last five years.” Adding, “You’ve got all these digital formats, and it was apparent that everything had to be remastered in every format, all in one go, across the board.”

'Led Zeppelin III’ is the third and final record in the group’s initial offering of remastered albums. Unboxing videos have already been released for ‘Led Zeppelin I’ and ‘Led Zeppelin II.’ All three sets are set to hit store shelves on June 3.

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