Following the release of an unboxing video posted on YouTube of the upcoming Super Deluxe edition of their debut album, Led Zeppelin have followed up with the release of a similar video for their second record.

As the first video did, this new clip provides viewers with an up-close look into the contents of the massive package for ‘Led Zeppelin II.’ As shown, those who purchase the set can expect to receive a remastered 180-gram vinyl version of  the record with replica sleeve, along with a second disc of audio extras, a hard-bound 88-page book, the high-quality print of the original album cover and a high-definition digital download card.

Playing over the video is a snippet of the recently circulated rough cut of the group’s mega-hit ‘Whole Lotta Love,’ which is a part of the new release's companion disc. In assembling the new material, Led Zeppelin's guitarist Jimmy Page was adamant about seeking out things that no one has ever heard before. “I was pretty diligent with my detection work," Page said in an interview with Rolling Stone. "I didn't want to put together a compilation where ninety percent of it had been bootlegged. I asked a guy that runs one of the fanzines if he's heard any of this material before. He told me he hadn't. That was a really good feeling."

The new box sets will see wide release on June 3 and are available for pre order now.

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