The lucky Kiss fans who've taken to the high seas as part of the annual Kiss Kruises have been witness to – and sometimes, active participants in – several very special moments over the years.

Here's a look at some of the highlights from their first eight voyages, and don't forget there's still a scant few cabins left for this year's Kiss Kruise IX, which departs Miami on October 30.

Kiss Kruise I (2011): Music from 'The Elder' Medley

As soon as the inaugural Kiss Kruise left port, the band and some of their most dedicated fans teamed up to create some magic. The occasion was the first-ever sail-away concert, which found an unmasked, street clothes-wearing Kiss performing acoustic versions of hits and rarities on the deck of the ship. As Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons gamely tried to remember the lyrics to three unrehearsed songs from their much-mocked (but obviously not forgotten by this crowd) 1981 concept album Music From the Elder, they are visibly surprised by how eagerly and capably the crowd takes over.


Kiss Kruise II (2012): Lick It Up Gets Its Due

The joyful interplay between Kiss and their fans was again demonstrated during the acoustic set on the second Kiss Kruise, this time via two Lick It Up rarities. First, after an audience member requests "A Million to One," Stanley gamely shows what he remembers of the opening guitar part. At first, he tries to stop before singing, but soon enough a full-blown call and response breaks out. Later, he delivered an a capella take on the opening rap from "All Hell's Breakin' Loose."


Kiss Kruise III (2013): An Electric 'Oath'

Inspired by the rabid response to the acoustic snippets of Elder songs they played in previous years, Kiss went all-in on their third Kruise with a full electric version of one of the album's most beloved (and conventional) songs, "The Oath."


Kiss Kruise IV (2014): Dressed to Kill

To celebrate their selection as models for John Varvatos' Spring/Summer 2014 collection, Kiss traded their usual spandex outfits for suits inspired by the cover of their 1975 Dressed to Kill album for the electric shows on their fourth high-seas adventure.


Kiss Kruise V (2015): Alive! on a Boat

Kiss commemorated the 40th anniversary of Alive! by playing every song from the career-defining 1975 live album in order on their fifth Kruise. On the second night, they threw in a rarely played gem from their next golden era, "Flaming Youth."


Kiss Kruise VI: Stanley Sails Solo

Paul Stanley offered fans an extra-special treat on the 2016 Kiss Kruise, playing an hour-long acoustic set featuring lesser-known Kiss songs, tracks from his 1978 solo album and a cover of Donovan's "Catch the Wind." During the band's electric shows, Gene Simmons dusted off "Rock and Roll Hell" for the first time in 34 years.


Kiss Kruise VII: The Kulick Brothers are the Captains Now

Bruce Kulick (who served as Kiss' lead guitar player from 1984-96) and his brother Bob (who appeared, typically without credit, in that same role on several late '70s and early '80s Kiss studio projects) teamed up for a special show highlighting their often-underrated contributions to the band's history on the seventh Kiss Kruise. As you can tell by the audience reaction in the video below, their performance was an all-time Kiss Kruise highlight.


Kiss Kruise VIII (2018): Ace Frehley Joins the Crew

Bruce Kulick returned without his brother for another highly regarded show on the eighth Kiss Kruise, diving even deeper into his '80s and '90s work with the group. He also teamed up with his former band mates and another Kiss alumni, founding lead guitarist Ace Frehley, for a special six-man performance during the acoustic set.


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