Kiss have shared the six different covers that will be offered and available for Kiss Comics Issue #1, which is titled 'Dressed to Kill.' Because one cover just isn't enough, right? Well, when you pair Kiss and the highly collectible comic book medium, the more the merrier.

Kiss #1 will land in stores on June 13.

Here's the breakdown. Two in the pictured top row of covers will be available at most retailers, while one will be available on a limited basis. The bottom row of covers are limited and available at select retailers. The black cover is limited to a single retailer, while the one on the far bottom right will be available only on the Kiss website, which you can visit here.

Our favorite is the one on the top right, where Gene Simmons looks like something out of 'V for Vendetta.' We also like the one situated next to it, with the four members of Kiss dressed like dapper gents.

For more info on all this comic book excitement, you can visit Kiss's official Facebook page.