When the unprecedented size, weight (and price!) of Kiss's new photo book 'Monster' was revealed last week, we got to wondering: Just how practical would it be to try to read such a massive tome?

Think about it for a minute - how exactly does one lug a three by two-and-half foot book around? Can you picture taking this thing to the beach, or on an airplane? While we haven't seen an official weight listed for 'Monster,' it's safe to say your local mail carrier or delivery person will hate you for adding this heavy load to his or her workday.

As this illustration shows, the book also hardly makes for good bathroom reading. Here we see the Demon himself, Gene Simmons, trying to enjoy a few private moments revisiting the highlights of his career. All we need now is a caption -- which is where you come in! Tell us how you'd describe the oddity of this moment -- or try to explain what 'Dr. Love' is thinking as he reads on his private throne -- in the comments section below:

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