KissPaul Stanley and Gene Simmons and Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx and Vince Neil were interviewed on Revolver TV to talk about their upcoming tour and according to the bands, the fans can expect two entirely different shows.

As reported earlier, ‘The Tour’ launches on July 20 in Bristow, Va. and will wrap up on Sept. 23 in Hartford, Ct. Stanley explains that this co-headline show isn’t about compromise. It’s not going to be half a Kiss show and half a Motley Crue show. “We’re making sure that they (Motley Crue) get 100 percent of what they want to do and us too," he told Revolver TV. "It’s not just two bands going out on tour together it’s an event that you’ll get to see both bands in their element.”

Simmons compares going to a Kiss concert as something that should be viewed nothing less than a religious rock experience and he’s quoted on the Blabbermouth website telling The Pulse Of Radio that “your spirit is lifted when you walk out of there. You feel glad to be alive another day. I'd like to think that when you leave our show, you feel exhilarated — physically exhausted.”

Sixx adds that their goal as a band is to be the “greatest we can be” which is exciting and the reason that they try to come up with new and twisted versions of their production. “I think our shows are so potent and I think, contagious. It’s fun and horrifying all at the same time.”

As people continue to discuss the comment Simmons made earlier this week about Rihanna it’s interesting to watch Stanley back him here, reinforcing the statement by adding “we’re rock bands, we do it the right way. We don’t always play perfectly, we make mistakes but it’s real, it’s live and its blood, sweat and tears.”

So whether you call Dr. Love or Dr. Feelgood, expect a “real” rock revival when this tour comes to your town.

Watch Kiss and Motley Crue discuss "The Tour"

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