The tagline for the new Kia Cadenza ad is 'Impossible To Ignore,' and it's fitting that the music used in the commercial is that of an artist who has been impossible to ignore over the last four and a half decades. The unmistakable voice of David Bowie singing a line from 'Let's Dance' shimmers as we are introduced to the new auto.

The premise of the ad is the "girl you didn't notice in high school" going to her 20 year class reuinion. She pulls up in the Kia, steps out, and wows her former classmates. A remix of Bowie's 1983 classic 'Let's Dance' rings out as the Kia Cadenza, and the lovely lady, strut their stuff. The electronic remix, courtesy of DJ MooseBox, makes for the perfect soundtrack here. And while we're at it, let's pop in that new Bowie album for another spin as well!

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