Judas Priest graced the 'American Idol' stage with their majestic presence tonight, helping eliminated contestant and metal wanna-be James Durbin perform two of their classic songs, 'Living After Midnight' and 'Breaking the Law.'

Durbin and Priest lead singer Rob Halford strolled down the audience walkways to join the rest of the band on stage as 'Midnight' started, with the veteran looking like a proper metal god and the kid, well, looking like he bought the "rock star" costume kit for Halloween.

To be fair, we're OK with anyone who gets Judas Priest on the national airwaves, and it was a good opportunity for Priest to both promote their upcoming farewell tour and to introduce their new guitar player to the world during the final episode of pretty much the biggest show on the air. (The new guy's name is Richie Faulkner, and he acquitted himself quite nicely during his solo.)

Still, Durbin's lucky Halford went easy on him, taking care to stay in a supportive background role instead of unleashing "the voice" and reducing the poor child to dust. Which we all agree he could do at will, right?

Watch Judas Priest Perform with James Durbin on 'American Idol'

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