What do you get for the Journey fan who has everything? Oh, that's easy – just pick up a copy of the soon-to-be released 'Greatest Hits Volume 2!'

23 years after the release of the band's original 'Greatest Hits' album, which we're guessing nearly everyone in America owns, Sony Legacy is going back to the well for a second volume. As our friends at The Second Disc remind us, Journey remains front and center in the ears of music fans thanks to several high profile television and film placements for their songs in recent years, most notably on 'The Sopranos.'

The new hits compilation features tracks that were selected by the label and former Journey singer Steve Perry, but don't worry -- the press release notes that current Journey members Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain had “no objections.”

The original 'Greatest Hits' sold a ton of units because it was a really great compilation. But what do you put on a followup release when you've already covered most of the bases? In the case of 'Greatest Hits Volume 2,' the new collection adds five Top 40 hits that were omitted from the first volume (those Journey guys had a few hits, huh?), and while there's nothing here that you haven't heard, it is a nice “best of the rest”-type collection.

You get a diverse mix of tracks, including deep cuts like 'Escape,' the orphaned studio track 'The Party's Over (Hopelessly In Love)' from 1981's 'Captured' live album, and the tag team combo of 'Feeling That Way' and 'Anytime' from 1978's 'Infinity.' (We're constantly arguing in the UCR hallways about that last one – do those two count as a pair on Two-fer Tuesday, or is it just one awesome song?)

'Greatest Hits Volume 2' will be in stores on Nov. 1, and will be made available at the usual digital outlets as well as on CD and even vinyl! We dig the cover art, which is a nice throwback to the artwork for the original collection.

Journey's Neal Schon recently said that he'd be up for playing one of the band's classic albums in full at their concerts, but in our earlier interview with keyboardist Jonathan Cain, he called Neal a “restless soul” and said that Schon would probably get “bored” with the concept after a couple of nights.

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