There's no arguing that fans will always want to hear the hits when they go see bands with extensive, expansive catalogs in concert. The classics trump the new songs in terms of preference more often than not. While Journey are experiencing delight from fans when they perform new songs from 'Eclipse,' guitarist Neal Schon said the band would "absolutely" perform one of their quintessential albums in its entirety while on tour.

"Absolutely, I think that would be a gas to do, we just haven’t gotten there yet," Schon told VH1 Radio Networks about the band's attitude toward such an endeavor.

He continued, "I think if we wanted to do a whole show of 'Escape' songs or 'Frontiers' songs, I think it would absolutely fun to do. And you know, actually I think that [singer] Arnel [Pineda] is so bionic, the band will actually disagree with me but I think we could actually even do two albums in one night."

Pineda is bionic, indeed, and two full albums in one evening would no doubt thrill fans, but the idea of Journey performing a classic album from back to front does beg a rather massive question: Would it be right without ex-singer Steve Perry at the helm? That's certainly a polarizing debate that will split Journey diehards right down the middle.