Journey explore a signature subject — the fight for romance — in their new song "Don’t Give Up on Us."

The mid-tempo power ballad fits the classic Journey mold, with its airy synth-pads, palm-muted guitar riff and overall structure recalling the band’s 1983 hit "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)." As the intensity builds, singer Arnel Pineda belts out pleading lines like "Give me one more night" and "We can’t let foolish pride tear us apart this way."

You can hear the track below.

"It is a very melodic song," guitarist Neal Schon said in a statement. "It’s soulful, coming more from that R&B place and a little more Motown sounding but it definitely rocks. I feel like it's got Journey all over it."

Schon also discussed the song’s origins with UCR, noting how former drummer Narada Michael Walden was present as the piece developed.

"[Walden] and I would just go into the studio and we’d bang out stuff," he said. "I really came in with no ideas that day. I mean, I had a zillion ideas, but I was like, 'I really can’t think about what I want to do today. But I think we need something like an R&B Four Tops-ish, 'Separate Ways' Journey song. You know, something Motown-ish that’s powerful also, that grows.’ I strapped on a Strat, put down a click track and worked with the click. I sat in the studio and just kind of banged out all of the chords." Schon added that Walden was "so cool to work with."

"Don’t Give Up on Us" appears on Journey’s upcoming album Freedom, their first project of new material since 2011’s Eclipse. The new record, out July 8, also features the previously issued tracks "Let It Rain," "You Got the Best of Me" and "The Way We Used to Be."

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