The old man down the road, Mr. John Fogerty, is working on an album featuring new recordings of some of his old classics, with a new twist.

Named after the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic 'Wrote A Song For Everyone,' the new album will feature Fogerty revamping some old material with new hands on deck. Some of those famous friends along for this project include Foo Fighters, who join in on 'Fortunate Son' and Bob Seger on 'Who'll Stop The Rain.' Other contributors include Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, My Morning Jacket, Alan Jackson, and Miranda Lambert with more to be announced. All involved are reportedly big Fogerty fans. (Well... duh! Who isn't?)

Word has it that not only will the album feature some of the more obvious hits, but will also delve into some of Forgerty's more obscure material as well. And if that weren't enough to whet your appetite, there is talk of brand-new material being put into the mix here as well.

With participants from the worlds of rock, pop and country taking part in this celebration of one of America's greatest rock and roll songwriters, it should be an interesting ride through some of Fogerty's catalog. Vanguard Records are planning the release date sometime this fall.

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