Bob Seger

Bob Seger had been kicking around the Detroit music scene, releasing a handful of low-selling albums, for almost a decade before people really started paying attention to him. His rough, R&B-influenced garage rock of the ‘60s eventually gave way to a more polished singer and songwriter who served up a steaming dish of nostalgia alongside the meat-and-potatoes rock he started playing with his Silver Bullet Band in the mid ‘70s. Once he turned the page toward more reflective music on 1976’s ‘Night Moves,’ Seger stuck with the pensive formula for much of the next decade, releasing hit albums like 1978’s ‘Stranger in Town’ and 1980’s ‘Against the Wind,’ his only No. 1. He’s released new music and toured sporadically since the ‘90s, playing a mix of heartland rock sprinkled with bits of twang, pop and soul.

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