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One of the most visited locations in Paris is the grave site of Jim Morrison, lead vocalist of the Doors, who passed away in this beautiful city back in July 1971. Morrison's tomb sits in Pere Lachaise, the historic and beautiful cemetery which also contains the final resting places of such iconic personalities such as singer Edith Piaf, writer Oscar Wilde, composer Frederic Chopin and many others. It is truly a very special resting place for a man that considered himself more of a poet than a rock star.

Morrison's grave has continually morphed and changed over the years, with a granite headstone and brass plaque replacing the crude bust and base that stood for the first decade and a half after Morrison's death. Much of the graffiti that was there in the 1980s has been removed and a guard is installed there now to handle the large volume of crowds that come to visit the site on a daily basis.

One can only imagine what Jim Morrison's latter work would have evolved into had he lived past the age of 27. We were lucky to have him for the time we did and he continues to inspire legions of fans today.

So, today (Dec 8th) on the 69th anniversary of Jim Morrison's birth, we pay tribute to one of the most dynamic artists of the rock pantheon and remember the fearlessness that guided both his life and performances in search of truly pushing the envelope and forever expanding the boundaries.

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