Guitarist Dave Navarro has answered critics on his Facebook page who state that Jane's Addiction aren't the genuine article without original bassist Eric Avery in the lineup.

"Had he been fired or asked to leave I would agree with you," writes Navarro in response to the comments. "The truth is he chose to do something else on two separate occasions. Even after seeing how much people loved having him back, he opted to pursue his own thing."

Avery rejoined Jane's Addiction in 2008 after leaving in 1991. After embarking on a series of tours with the group, he departed again in 2010.

"I disagree that we have to stop being a band we have all worked so hard on for many years simply because he has different interests," added Navarro. "I will give you the point that JA isn't the same band as it was in the '80s and '90s, yet we can't help but change over the years and grow and evolve and become influenced by different things and life experiences."

Navarro, who celebrated his 44th birthday on Tuesday, also took time out to answer a number of online questions over the past couple of days. Among other things, he said that bass duties on the band's upcoming album, 'The Great Escape Artist,' will be credited to him, TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek and Jane's touring member Chris Chaney. He also believes there's a good chance that the disc will come out by September.

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