Jane's Addiction are scheduled to release their eagerly awaited fourth studio album, 'The Great Escape Artist,' this August. As anyone who has followed the band's on-again, off-again career over the last 25 or so years knows, there's always some drama and plenty of stories to tell when Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro and Stephen Perkins get together to make a new record. So, here's five things you need to know about the new Jane's Addiction album:

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    Jane's Addiction has been surprisingly stable and active over the last three years...

    The second break-up of Jane's Addiction in 2004 was apparently caused by the same personal and creative tensions as the first, back in 1991. Happily, since re-reuniting in 2008, the band has been performing together pretty steadily, and seems to be getting along great. They also released their first-ever full length concert DVD, 'Live Voodoo,' which featured the original band lineup, even bassist Eric Avery, who skipped out on the first reunion.

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    ... Except, of course, when it comes to bass players.

    Well, it wouldn't be Jane's Addiction without bass player changes. Original bassist Eric Avery's second stint with the band ended early in 2010, with, in his words, "Equal parts regret and relief." Fans of both Jane's Addiction and Guns N' Roses were surprised to hear that the latter band's former bassist, Duff McKagan, would be joining the band in his place. So it was, pardon the pun, not shocking when Duff left after just a few concerts (see the video to the left) and some songwriting sessions. Once again, Jane's Addiction was back to a three-man lineup.

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    Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails almost produced this record, sorta.

    The biggest event so far of the third Jane's Addiction reunion was the 2009 summer NIN/JA tour, which found the band supporting Nine Inch Nails all across the country. Prior to those dates, NIN frontman Trent Reznor posted photos of Jane's recording, with him producing, in the studio, getting fans worked up for a possible new album. Instead, all they released were new versions of two songs from earlier in their career, 'Whores' and 'Chip Away.'

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    Instead, they're getting production help from the next generation of art-rockers.

    David Sitek from futuristic soul-rock critical darlings TV on the Radio is both producing and playing bass on 'The Great Escape Artist.' Provided he doesn't attempt to tame Dave Navarro's roaring guitar playing too much, this could work out very nicely. His band's style dovetails very well with both the tribal side of Jane's music and the danceable elements of Perry Farrell's solo work.

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    Their last album was rather underrated, and we think this one will be even better.

    'Strays' -- the band's most recent record from 2003 -- doesn't hold up to the band's first two studio masterpieces, 'Nothing's Shocking' and 'Ritual de lo Habitual,' but it's got a handful of great songs, including the pulverizing opener 'True Nature,' and the anthemic 'Just Because.' Sitek is a great choice to bring new ideas to the table, and the seemingly unified band is reportedly brimming with great song ideas after three years performing together. So, there's plenty of reason to be hopeful, especially after hearing the stomping groove of the album's first single, 'End to the Lies.'

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