The home of Steve Harris, Iron Maiden's founder and only consistent member over the past four decades, was broken into in late November. The armed robbers got away with more than $8,000 worth of goods and electronics, according to Tribune242.

Apparently Harris, who's been the veteran metal band's bass player and chief songwriter since its formation in 1975, wasn't at the Bahamas property when it was robbed on Nov. 29. According to reports, the house was broken into "sometime between midnight and 2AM ... [when] a group of men sawed through chains on the front gate of an old estate home on the property."

The house's caretaker was assaulted during the robbery, which occurred at a house used as an office and storage facility for TVs, refrigerators and appliances for the 5,000-square-foot guest home. "[They] put a knife on his throat, and left him in a pool of blood wrapped in duct tape," said the property manager.

Police have arrested two people and are still searching for a third man involved in the robbery. About $5,000 worth of the stolen items have been recovered so far.

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