Iron Maiden's new Ed Force One plane is the envy of touring bands everywhere, and now everyone can have their own — provided they've got a tube of glue and a ton of patience.

Leading model manufacturer Revell has announced a merchandising deal with the band to produce a scale Ed Force One kit, which follows a similar replica of the plane Maiden flew during their 2008 tour. Although product details have yet to be revealed, including cost and release date, a company spokesperson promised fans and hobbyists won't be disappointed.

"Our 1:144 scale model of Ed Force One will bring something new, as well as fun to Civil Aviation Model Kit genre," said Revell's Thomas Randrup. "We are looking forward to a successful cooperation with Global Merchandising and Iron Maiden on this 2016 new product release."

As Randrup mentioned, the deal was struck through a partnership with Maiden's reps at Global Merchandising Services, who offered their own enthusiasm for the project in a press release.

"As soon as we knew that Bruce would be piloting the plane for Iron Maiden’s world tour, we knew that we had to do something special to celebrate the occasion, and Revell are an obvious partner for this fantastic collaboration," said GMS licensing manager Jens Drinkwater. "Their model kits have been a synonym for plastic modeling for over 60 years, and this detailed model of Ed Force One will appeal to both traditional builders and hobbyists as well as the dedicated Iron Maiden fan base."

As previously reported, Ed Force One was recently forced off the tour for a brief period due to a runway accident, but after completing necessary repairs, it's in flying shape and back in the skies again.

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