Iron Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson has followed in John Travolta's footsteps, appearing in an airline safety video for the U.K.'s Civil Aviation Authority. Because what's more metal than following proper baggage loading and handling regulations?

Commissioned by the Ground Handling Operations Safety Team, the 20-minute video, 'Safety in the Balance with Captain Bruce Dickinson,' features the 'Run to the Hills' rocker taking airline ground support through the many steps that ensure a safe flight.

But Dickinson's participation in the video isn't just some random celebrity endorsement -- the rocker is a trained pilot as well as a marketing director with Astraeus Airlines. As revealed in the wonderfully titled documentary, 'Iron Maiden: Flight 666,' Dickinson flew the entire Iron Maiden crew around on the Somewhere Back in Time tour in "Ed Force One," the band's personalized Boeing 757. Yes, there is an airplane named after Iron Maiden's creepy skeleton mascot Eddie.  Modern air travel has officially reached its peak.

Dickinson's enthusiasm for flight is contagious, making the video interesting for anyone with even a passing interest in aviation. Plus, it's more than a little amusing to hear the man who once wailed hits like 'The Number of the Beast' and '2 Minutes to Midnight' talk about how the proper labeling and storage of hazardous materials can avoid, uh, "unsafe loads."

You can read more about Dickinson's 'Top Gun' moment over on Blabbermouth. Check out the rocking-est, most headbanging flight safety video below, and don't forget to pick up Iron Maiden's 'From Fear to Eternity: The Best of 1990-2010' double CD set available now.

Watch Bruce Dickinson's Airline Safety Video, 'Safety in the Balance'