After enduring a fifteen-year wait for Guns N' Roses' last album 'Chinese Democracy,' it seems fans may have reason to celebrate. In a new interview, guitarist DJ Ashba, keyboardist Dizzy Reed and bassist Tommy Stinson said they are currently working on material for a new album.

Blabbermouth reports the musicians spoke to K5 TV on July 16, the day before a Guns N' Roses show in Split, Croatia. "That's definitely our main focus right now," Ashba said in regard to writing new songs.

"We're always sort of kicking material back and forth and trying to come up with new ideas," Reed added. "Throwing it in the big melting pot that, hopefully, will become the next Guns N' Roses record."

'Chinese Democracy' was such a laborious project that it became an urban legend, taking more than a decade to record and reportedly costing more than $13 million. The album went through four producers, and during the lengthy recording process, Axl Rose - the sole remaining original member and mastermind behind the current lineup - replaced every member of the band at one point or another. The unpredictable and reclusive superstar finally delivered the record in 2008 to mixed reviews and disappointing sales, though 'Chinese Democracy' was certified platinum in 2009.

Rose has hinted that he has enough material left over from those arduous sessions to comprise two more albums, but Tommy Stinson told K5 TV that the new material will be written collectively by the current lineup. "It will be all these guys; it'll be all of us, probably," he said. "I wouldn't totally rule it out, but probably all of us will be included in making a new record."

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