It had been a while since a Guns N’ Roses concert had been the source of controversy. We had hoped that their dubious reputation was in the past, but it seems they may be back to their old tricks.

Performing in Manchester, England last night (May 29), the band didn’t begin their set until over an hour after their expected start time of 11:00PM, causing many in the crowd to walk out before they even took the stage.

Although Guns N’ Roses performed a 33-song show that lasted three hours, it was in front of a largely empty house. NME reported that there were only 6,000 people in the 16,000-seat Manchester Arena when Axl Rose and his charges played their first song.

Guns N' Roses have a long history with not beginning concerts on time. Back in February, former manager Alan Niven claimed it was the result of Axl Rose's stage fright. "The singer is out there naked, and sometimes that’s hard to do," Niven said. "Obviously, Axl still has problems with it because he’s still late.”

The band, however, chose not only refuse to apologize for their delay, but not even mention it. On their Facebook page, the band wrote, “A tip of the hat to the good folk at the M.E.N Arena Manchester To you say Manchester, United Kingdom rocks is an understatement! London calling!"

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