Proving once again that fans will buy anything if there's a possibility that an artist has touched it, Guns N' Roses have put their old clothes dryer on eBay. The Kenmore electric dryer is one of 21 items being sold "to make room for new stuff." We hear the new front-loading washers are nice.

The dryer is said to have worked before it was packaged in the Ascot road case (included), but the seller cannot confirm it still works. There is a hole in the back to allow venting. The entire rig measures just over 52 inches tall, 32 inches wide and 32 inches deep and weighs and astonishing 278 pounds. Is that where Rob Gardner went?

It's not clear how recently the dryer was used to launder Axl Rose's jerseys or the band's skin-tight blue jeans. It's possible this unit could have dried Bumblefoot's duds. The age of the unit is not revealed. Other items up for auction include various cases, instruments, recording gear, pedal boards and racks. The seller promises more gear will be available in coming weeks (we're holding out for a toaster).

The price before was up to $105 with over four days left. The starting price was just $99. This is one of the less expensive items for auction. A 56 channel mixing counsel stars at $8K.

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