A guitar that once belonged to legendary guitarist Les Paul was recently purchased for $90,000 by Rick and Corey Harrison, the proprieters of the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas featured on the popular television show 'Pawn Stars.'

The white 1961 Gibson Les Paul was brought into the the shop by the nephew of Mary Ford, the wife of Paul, with whom he recorded many hits until their divorce in 1963. Ford died in 1977; Paul passed away in 2009.

Although it may seem like the double-cutaway guitar is a Gibson SG as popularized by Angus Young of AC/DC and Eric Clapton during his days in Cream, it bears the Les Paul name. In 1961, Gibson re-designed the Les Paul model without the consent of its namesake, who collaborated with Gibson on the design. Paul objected to the changes, and two years later the guitar was re-named the SG, for "Solid Guitar." The single-cutaway Les Paul as we know it was re-launched in 1968.

Ford's nephew brought in documents confirming both the guitar's authenticity and Paul's fight with Gibson, stating, "You're getting history here."

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