Google is honoring guitarist and inventor Les Paul today (June 8), on what would have been his 96th birthday, with an impressive interactive guitar "doodle" taking the place of their homepage logo for the day.

In addition to being able to strum or pluck the strings to create their own music, visitors can record and share 30-second clips of the results with their friends.  Somebody took a good run at the opening notes of Metallica's 1989 classic 'One,' which you can watch below.

Fans have already posted their attempts at other songs, including 'Happy Birthday,' the Indian national anthem and Mike Oldfield's 'Tubular Bells.' We're sure more will appear throughout the day, click here to see the latest.

Les Paul could easily have been famous simply for his talent and accomplishments as a jazz and pop guitarist in a career that spanned more than seven decades.

However, he also pioneered the development of the solid-bodied electric guitar, which created the rock and roll sound anyone who reads this site knows and loves so well. He was also an early advocate and master of multi-track studio recording techniques. This advancement allowed musicians to expand their recorded music beyond what they were capable of playing live, by joining two or more performances together onto one tape.

Listen and Watch Metallica's 'One' Played on the Google Les Paul Homepage

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