At Glenn Danzig's Oct. 18 show in Montreal, one concertgoer reportedly received a painful lesson in just how far Danzig's willing to go to enforce his "no photos" policy.

The man in question, a self-described "huge metal fan" named Neil Dalton, shared his story on Facebook, where he posted a graphic photo of his bleeding face along with a note claiming that Danzig called him out from the stage for taking photos and later "got his p---y security guards to rough me up and held me back so he could hit me himself."

Dalton closed by asking readers to "please share this because I want the world to know what a p---y the guy is," and he definitely got what he asked for: His story was picked up by TMZ, where it was pointed out that Danzig has reacted violently to having his picture taken before, and a number of other sites followed suit.

While Dalton's story certainly sounds awful, Metal Injection did some digging to try and get a clearer picture of what actually happened, obtaining firsthand statements from fans who were also at the show. While there have been conflicting reports regarding what really went down, at least two eyewitnesses confirm that Danzig assaulted Dalton.

According to those accounts, however, Dalton was dragged out of the venue after he started jawing with Danzig and appeared ready to accept Danzig's challenge to come on stage so he could "break his spine" and "smash his skull."

At this point, Dalton says he "got a beat down by two of [Danzig's] security guards," then returned inside the venue "because that's where my friends where and was in disbelief of what happened, got spotted and brought out the side again for the same treatment, but this time Danzig himself came out himself to punch and kick me" — a description of events that's basically confirmed by another eyewitness quoted at the above link.

"Right after the show, we went in the alley, we saw Glenn Danzig punching the guy in the face," says the source. "Right after that he ran back into his tour bus while his huge bodyguard punched the guy once again and made him fell to the ground. After that they threw him one of his shoes. Then his girlfriend came and took care of him."

"I'm not looking for my five minutes of fame, and I'm not looking for a payday," Dalton insists. "Point of all this is, I was a huge fan of Danzig, And as most people know, this kind of incident has happened before with Danzig, and honestly it's not right and people need to know what he's like to his fans who got him to where he is."

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