Glenn Danzig has confirmed that he will retire from touring after completing a series of dates in North America with Superjoint.

Danzig broke the news in an interview with our sister site Loudwire before performing last night at the Playstation Theatre in New York City's Times Square. You can watch the entire interview above.

“I think this is going to be it,” Danzig says. “I’ll do some shows here or there, but I don’t think I’m going to tour anymore.”

Danzig, who rose to fame with the Misfits, his own self-titled group and Samhain, has been hinting at a desire to get off the road for some time. He previously announced his intentions of retiring back in a 2004 interview with Metal Edge. At the time, he said he wanted more time to complete a studio recording of Black Aria II, which he pointed out was written five years earlier. That project finally came out in 2006.

During his exclusive chat with Loudwire, Danzig was quick to remind fans that he will still perform, but only on special occasions. “We might do some Danzig legacy things, but they’ll be very intimate,” he adds. “Same thing if I do the Danzig Sings Elvis record -- I want it to be more intimate where people can sit down and just watch the show. ... I know there are a couple of plans to go overseas and do some things there, but it will probably just be festivals.”

Danzig’s current tour with Superjoint concludes on Halloween night in Los Angeles. He has a new album of cover songs called Skeletons due on Nov. 27.

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