The answer is: We don't know. We never got to see whether Shannon Tweed said yes to Gene Simmons' marriage proposal on tonight's episode of 'Family Jewels' after 28 years of couplehood. They left us hanging on the season finale. Those scoundrels! Even though an astute eye will have noticed Tweed sporting a ring in the confessional portions. Aha!

In the previous episode, the Kiss bassist-singer was put through the ringer, emotionally, during a therapy session with Tweed and their two kids. Wait, what's this? The Demon is vulnerable? Say it ain't so?

His son Nicholas labels him a good father, but a lousy significant other, while daughter Sophie says he was a good provider but not a good dad. Ouch. They were kicking Simmons in his family jewels, and it was left up to Simmons to choose what was right for him. He reached that proverbial crossroads as Tweed headed to Saskatoon to stay with her mother, leaving Simmons to fend for himself. Next thing we know, he's looking up flights online so he can bring Tweed home.

Gene tells Sophie that he'd like to request her mother's hand in marriage. What a hopelessly romantic gesture on ol' Gene's part. He even takes his little girl to the jewelry store to pick out a ring. That's what we call quality time and being a good dad, as opposed to provider. See, even Gene Simmons, one of the most confident rock stars on planet earth, learns from his mistakes.

Before Gene can head north to reclaim his love, Tweed shows up on his doorstep.

Gene then webchats with Tweed's mother and asks her for permission to allow her daughter to make an honest man of him. Ma threatens his life, if he hurts her kid. After that, he whisks his queen -- yes, he calls her that -- off to Belize, which immediately sets off Tweed's suspicions.

Okay, Simmons is a good sport, for letting it all hang out like this, but he's a master of marketing and knows this should equal mega ratings.

When in Belize, Tweed comments that she thinks they are there because of some deal he struck with the tourism board. Zing. Then, the ring was MIA, as he was having it shipped since it was customized. We see Simmons sweat a little bit and we have some fun at his expense.

He planned to propose while they flew over the water, but it didn't work out, due to all the aviation nose.

In the end, he simply proposed by the water, like the preview clip indicated. He called himself a "jackass all my life" and apologized for taking so long to ask for her hand, telling her she is the only one he'll ever love. By the time he gets on bended knee, she's crying.

There is a pregnant pause and then we see "To be continued." Guess we'll have to wait 'till next season.

Watch Gene Simmons Go Ring Shopping With His Daughter Sophie

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