The first of tonight's two episodes of 'Gene Simmons Family Jewels' -- entitled 'Where's Sophie?' -- begins with Gene and Shannon returning from a weekend trip to find the children gone, just when the parents need them to talk about the couple's plans for adoption. 

Sophie is up in Canada, and Nick, as requested, moved out while they were away. The parents attempt to reach them both but have no luck. At Dr. Wexler's the couple discuss the natural process of life with children growing old. Shannon has not heard from Sophie in days. Gene stops by Nick's new home with a Kiss blowup chair. On a side note, Gene is shocked, thrilled and proud of Nick because his roommates are all women.

The social worker from the adoption agency stops by, making sure Gene and Shannon's home is safe for the potential new child. Nick shows up and doesn't hide his aversion for the idea, saying "the replacement child. Sounds like a great idea. Didn't know we were still doing that." Unfortunately, the next step to adoption is individual interviews with family members, especially the kids.

Gene agrees to talk to Nick about the interview. At therapy, Shannon expresses her concern for the interviews. Gene -- who last we saw, wasn't all in on this plan either -- decides he'll let Nick and Sophie reveal their doubts so he doesn't have to.

The social worker meets with Shannon and Gene separately. Gene praises Shannon, but when asked about his feelings on the subject of adoption, he stumbles. In his interview, Nick conveys his opinions, believing it to be a bad idea. All the while Sophie has not returned any of Shannon's calls and does not partake in an interview.

Shannon goes to Canada to see Sophie. In therapy Gene tells Dr. Wexler that Shannon's situation with Sophie, "is not gonna get in the way of her relationship with her daughter. Nothing will."

'Cold Front'

Episode five of 'Gene Simmons Family Jewels' begins with Shannon at Whistler Mountain (near Vancouver, B.C.) attempting to speak with Sophie, who has no interest in doing so. Back in Beverly Hills, Gene decides to join in on the fun with his wife and daughter up in the Great White North.

Over breakfast Shannon tries yet again to talk. With Sophie denying the conversation, Gene enters, which does help the situation. Still, no real progress is made. Gene tells Shannon to be authoritative and take Sophie out to talk.

Shannon does so and goes out with Sophie. She believes the time will be spent running errands, however, they are going to a meeting with the mayor of Vancouver. The meeting deals with Sophie's efforts in charity. As a result a center will be resurrected and called 'Sophie's Place' -- Vancouver's first child advocacy center, a place for children who have been abused to go get help.

Sophie reveals to us her reason for not telling Gene and Shannon about Sophie's Place. She didn't want it to be about Gene Simmons or Kiss. She gives an emotional speech, is interviewed about her efforts and cuts the ribbon.

That night, Sophie and her boyfriend (Nick) discuss the issue. He believes she needs to talk to her parents. The next morning, Sophie decides to talk to Shannon and takes her on a gondola ride. The episode ends with Shannon asking, "So, are you going to tell me off now?" Guess we'll have to tune in next week!

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