Jim Morrison would have turned 70 on Dec. 8, and while it's impossible to imagine what he might have done over the past few decades if he hadn't passed away in 1971, he'd probably have Internet access if he were still alive -- which he could use to stream a trio of free Doors films from Qello.

The music-focused movie-streaming service is throwing Morrison a birthday party as part of its Free Music Fridays promotion, which allows anyone to temporarily sample its wares without parting with $4.99 a month for a paid account. It's well worth checking out for any music lover, as Qello's library is both deep and wide; the catalog goes back to the 1920s, and includes documentaries and concert footage from across a broad spectrum of genres.

The Doors films that are being unlocked in Morrison's honor are the concert movie 'Live at the Bowl,' which was filmed in 1968 but not fully released until 2012; the 2009 documentary 'When You're Strange,' assembled by director Tom DiCillo with the support and participation of the surviving members of the band; and 'Classic Albums: The Doors,' which takes an in-depth look at the process behind the group's self-titled debut LP.

To start watching, or to get more information about Qello and Free Music Fridays, visit this link.

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