When Frances Bean Cobain entered the world, she was already in the spotlight. Her father, Kurt Cobain, was the leader of the hottest rock band in the world, Nirvana, and her mother, Courtney Love, was doing solid in her own right as the vocalist for Hole.

As Frances grew into a young woman, she took an interest in art and actually debuted a collection of her artwork that she created under the pseudonym "Fiddle Tim" at a Los Angeles gallery. In 2006, she also began modeling. She famously appeared in 'Elle' magazine wearing her father's famous brown cardigan and pajama pants. She also appeared in a spread for 'Harper's Bazaar' magazine.

Cobain has also dabbled some in music, turning up on a song from Evelyn Evelyn called 'My Space' in 2010. The same year she also gained control of her late father's estate and now controls the publicity rights to Kurt Cobain's name and image.