Former Kiss drummer Peter Criss has weighed in on the recent comments made by Aerosmith in which they called Kiss "a comic-book" band. Criss, appearing on New York's Q104.3, admitted that he was surprised by Steven Tyler's words as he never felt there was any sort of issue when the bands toured in the past.

Criss says, "I found those guys to be sweethearts and I felt honored to be on the stage with Aerosmith. I think they're one of the greatest rock and roll bands in the world. I could see how Steven [Tyler] loves Steven and always wants the spotlight over him and is always, 'Look at me, look at me,' and that's okay, because I had one of those in my band."

The drummer added that for the most part, the Aerosmith guys were pretty cool to the band back in the day. He recalls, "The other two guys -- Tom [Hamilton] and Brad [Whitford] -- treated my wife like a million bucks and Joe [Perry] was a jerk. I would say in my book that he had a whole thing about the experience, just didn't like us, called us clowns, and he didn't really like playing with us and so now I hear even Steven jumped on the bandwagon. It kind of hurts my feelings cause I really liked the guys."

Even with the disrespect, Criss has positive feelings toward Aerosmith, concluding, "I think they're one of the greatest bands to hit the stage and still are... It's just kind of strange that he said that cause he didn't give me that impression."

Kiss' Paul Stanley was a little less kind in his remarks toward Aerosmith, recently stating that Tyler needed "a reality check," and that when both bands had their albums out, he would gladly let the music do the talking.

Watch Peter Criss Respond to Aerosmith's Criticism of Kiss

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