We know Foreigner recently released 'The Best of Foreigner 4 & More' collection, but what else is on the docket for Mick Jones and his crew?

"The future is a lot of touring," predicted bassist Jeff Pilson during a recent appearance on the Double Stop podcast. And not just any touring, either -- in step with the recent Foreigner tradition of heading out as part of value-added package tours, the band will have company on the road next year. "We're gonna go out with Kid Rock this summer, which will be really interesting," continued Pilson. "I think that's going to be expose us to a different audience that I think is gonna be shocked at how much they enjoy us -- which I always love doing. That's the best kind of tour to do."

Pilson also reiterated his enthusiasm for 'The Best of Foreigner 4 & More,' which reintroduces songs from the band's classic 1981 LP -- alongside others from the catalog -- with newly recorded live versions performed by the current Foreigner lineup.

"We first started talking about this three years ago, when it was the 30th anniversary," he explained. "It just didn't happen for one reason or another at that point, but there was always kind of this feeling, like, 'Wow, that would be really cool to revisit that record with this band.' So it just kind of happened -- it was our manager that really pushed for it. Once we started arranging the tunes and hearing what this band was doing to it, it just became a labor of love, and we had to do it."

Listen to Pilson's complete Double Stop interview below.

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