Eric Clapton wasn't quite a household name when John Mayall released his classic 'Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton' album in 1966. Despite work with the Yard Birds, the guitarist had yet to break through commercially. This album changed everything.

Sundazed Music has released the complete U.K. mono masters of this seminal recording. Fans can re-experience Clapton's undeniable and breathtaking licks on the twelve songs that proved he deserved to be mentioned amongst world's best blues guitarists. Or one can just replace a worn out CD or vinyl record with this updated version.

Mayall's two lesser-known follow-ups are also being re-released by Sundazed: 1967's 'A Hard Road' featuring eventual Fleetwood Mac co-founder Peter Green on guitar, and 'Crusade,' featuring 18-year-old Mick Taylor. Taylor would go on to join the Rolling Stones two years later, at Mayall's urging.

It's Clapton's sound that Mayall will forever be most attached to however. He drives the record, from the very first note of 'All Your Love' through 'Ramblin' on My Mind' (Clapton's first vocal performance) and 'It Ain't Right.' Each CD costs about $15, with the vinyl albums checking in under $19 and a special price offered for buying all three. Somehow it's hard to believe that this year we celebrated the 45th anniversary of Eric Clapton's inauguration into the elite level of guitarists worldwide.

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