Jeff Lynne's ELO will touch down during a commercial break during the Super Bowl on Feb. 7.

The ad spot in question, which you can watch above, is part of Hyundai's new "Better" campaign, and follows the life adventures of a young man born with an exposed V8 engine in his chest — all set to the strains of the recent ELO single "When I Was a Boy," from Lynne's 2015 release Alone in the Universe.

What the song has to do with the ad — or what the ad has to do with Hyundai — is debatable, but for Lynne, "When I Was a Boy" served as not only the earliest (and perhaps fastest-written) song composed for Alone in the Universe, but one of the more personal recordings he's ever released. "My interest in music grabbed me when I was a boy," he told Rolling Stone. "I used to go under my bed listening to the crystal set [radio]. There weren't many good stations back then. You only got about an hour of pop music and that was on a Saturday night."

"That song is very meaningful to me, because it contains the actual truths about how I felt about music from when I was little," he added in a Guitar World interview. "But it’s also a story about any kid growing up wanting to play the guitar. It's not just about me, anybody could have that story."

"When I Was a Boy" will presumably be part of the set list during ELO's upcoming tour, which looks likely to include a leg of U.S. dates. The Hyundai ad marks Lynne's second Super Bowl outing with Hyundai, following a 2014 commercial that made use of ELO's classic hit "Evil Woman."

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