'What a Fool Believes,' in its original 1979 hitmaking form for the Michael McDonald-led Doobie Brothers, told the sad tale of someone who thinks he can rekindle a long-lost love. A new parody version shows no such willingness to let go of old passions.

Instead, 'What A Fool Will Eat (An Ode To Nachos)' pledges an undying allegiance for its title delicacy -- after first retelling the legend of their creation in long-ago Mexico. Check out the hilarious video, above.

"Beans, had their place from the start," the McDonald sound-alike sings, "but the meat found a way to their heart. These are two moments in the history of people making super-dope nachos." Then: "The wise man chooses nachos, with cool sour cream ... I love pico de gallo!"

The original version was actually co-written by Kenny Loggins, and reached No. 1 on the Billbaord charts for the actual Doobie Brothers in April of '79. 'What a Fool Believes' later won a pair of Grammys, for song and record of the year. It's difficult to imagine this new 'Ode To Nachos' doing quite that well, but it's certainly worth a chuckle or two.

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