The Doobie Brothers will release a new album titled Liberte on Oct. 1. The band has released a self-titled EP featuring four of the upcoming record's tracks as a preview. (The new EP is available now on all major streaming services.)

You can hear the lead single, "Don't Ya Mess With Me," below, as well as see the track listings for the album and EP.

Liberte features 12 new songs from Doobie Brothers mainstays Tom Johnston, Pat Simmons and John McFee. Michael McDonald, who will be joining the band on tour for the first time in 25 years this summer, does not appear on the album.

The Doobie Brothers' 15th album was produced and cowritten by John Shanks, who has previously worked with Bon Jovi, Sheryl Crow and Miley Cyrus. "He’s a great producer, and we wrote together and that was fun and something different," Simmons told UCR. "He’s a great player, too, so we could stand toe to toe and work on things together, and see where we were going at any given time. He’s got his own approach and is super high energy, but not in a way that feels manic or anything."

The Doobie Brothers' 50th-anniversary tour kicks off Aug. 22 in Des Moines.

The Doobie Brothers 'Liberte' Track Listing
1. "Oh Mexico"
2. "Better Days"
3. "Don't Ya Mess With Me"
4. "Cannonball"
5. "Wherever We Go"
6. "The American Dream"
7. "Shine"
8. "We Are More Than Love"
9. "Easy"
10. "Just Can't Do This Alone"
11. "Good Thang"
12. "Amen Old Friend"

'The Doobie Brothers EP' Track Listing
1. "Oh Mexico"
2. "Cannonball"
3. "Don't Ya Mess With Me"
4. "Better Days"

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