All things considered, Donald Trump probably hasn't been counting on Don Henley's vote during the 2016 presidential election — but just in case anyone was wondering, Henley took a few moments to send a message to Trump during his visit last night to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Henley, appearing as the night's musical guest, performed "Too Much Pride," a cut from his new solo album Cass County. As you've likely surmised from the title, the song's lyrics warn against the pitfalls of pridefulness, both on a personal and societal level — something Henley seems to feel Trump would do well to consider during his quest for the Oval Office.

During the number, which you can watch above in its entirety, Henley slipped in a pair of references to Trump, first inserting "Donald" into the line "You don’t have to be right all the time / You can’t go on with all these axes to grind / So why don’t you lighten up and let it ride / Too much pride." Later in the song, he added "Mr. Trump" to the line "Now, listen: Empires rise, and empires fall / You stick around here long enough you’ll see it all / Now it looks like it’s gone nationwide / Too much pride."

Henley followed his Late Show rendition of "Too Much Pride" with a performance of his End of the Innocence hit "New York Minute," which you can watch below. Cass County arrives in stores Sept. 25, and will be supported with a solo tour.

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