Dee Snider was forced to sit out of most of the storefront window-dressing fun on 'Celebrity Apprentice' tonight (March 3) due to the broken finger he suffered on last week's episode, but he still managed to make his presence and sense of humor felt.

Despite his pain, the Twisted Sister frontman seemed to realize he was dodging a bit of a bullet by avoiding participating in this fashion-centric competition. As he put it, "This task is not in any of our team members' wheelhouses."

Still, Snider was worried that his absence would give his teammates the impression that he couldn't be counted on, and judging by Arsenio Hall's immediate back-stabbing comments, those fears seemed justified. But the doctor was much more concerned that Dee's hand not heal in an improper manner, and ordered him into the operating room right away.

As you can see from the picture above, the surgery turned out to be rather serious, and Snider had four pins inserted into his finger. "I don't whimper and I don't give up," he defiantly stated, and sure enough he dropped in to try to lend a hand (OK that was a terrible pun, we admit it) to his teammates on the final day of the challenge.

The men lost for the first time this season, but after a few jokes about being sent away for time to heal, and whether or not he'd ever be able to wear "pirate jewelry" or make the devil's horn hand symbol ever again, Snider's team unanimously agreed with Donald Trump's assertion that he be exempted from hearing the show's trademark kiss-off "you're fired" this week.

Still, with a full-on arm sling restricting his movements for the next 10 days, it remains to be seen how strong a performance Snider will be able to muster on next week's episode. Oh, the drama!

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