Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider, with one arm still wrapped in a bulky cast from a recent on-air accident, helped throw a party to sell fake cocktail mix on 'Celebrity Apprentice' this week.

We know the photo above doesn't make it look like a lot of fun, but on TV this affair seemed to be a blast. The men -- who all admitted to not being big party guys, with Snider revealing his lifetime avoidance of booze and drugs --  turned a bland white building in New York into a beach-themed party, complete with sand, surfboards, and little drink umbrellas, and somehow they packed the place in the middle of the day and everybody had a good time.

There was a "Soul Train" dance line, Penn Jillette juggling and eating peaches at the same time, a limbo contest and lots and lots of skin. Snider even ably backed up Clay Aiken on a rendition of 'Under the Boardwalk.' The atmosphere clearly impressed the judges, and the men won handily.

The only problem with that outcome is that it doesn't give us a whole heck of a lot to write in regards to our main man Snider. He wasn't injured or recovering from an injury or staring down the Hulk this week. Instead, his biggest struggle seemed to be wearing a Hawaiian shirt for the first time in his life.

The biggest hiccup occurred in the boardroom, where Donald Trump, posing hypothetical questions about how the men would deal with a loss before revealing that they in fact won, asked team captain Aiken who he would nominate for elimination. Snider's name was mentioned as a candidate, but since they won minutes later all was quickly forgiven. The men soon found themselves in their now-customary position of sitting in luxury and watching the women tear themselves apart to stay alive one more week.

Perhaps next week, when the men and women are blended into new teams, we'll have more exciting Snider-related drama to report on for you. Apparently somebody walks off the show on that episode, perhaps Dee decided he's not gonna take it anymore!