Dee Snider took on this week's 'Celebrity Apprentice' car-selling challenge and an angry Incredible Hulk without fear last night, despite wearing an extremely awkward and uncomfortable looking cast on one hand.

The Twisted Sister frontman, as you no doubt recall, sustained a severe broken finger on the Donad Trump-fronted show two weeks ago (while dressed in drag and riding a horse - just a normal day on TV), then underwent surgery to implant four pins in his hand last week. Despite all that, he seemed cheerful and eager to get on with the game, making little mention of his injury.

Snider has served as perhaps the best narrator on the show so far this season, and he very clearly explained the biggest issue facing the men's team at the start of the show -- muscleman Lou Ferrigno's disruptive habit of demanding more input into the team's strategy despite having nothing particularly insightful to say or suggest. (For example, this week he suggested participating in the group's car sales presentation as, that's right, Hulk.)

Dee maintains that Ferrigno, not George Takei, should have gone home last week, and says of Lou, "His teammates are not going to cover for him anymore." He's not just talking behind the guy's back either, telling the body-building legend directly "You've been saying you can do more… I think you need to show you can do more." Amazingly, the big guy, who's been quite defensive and testy in previous weeks, seemed to back down a little bit.

Comedian Adam Carolla was chosen as the men's team leader, and decided to base his luxury car sales presentation with more humor than his teammates thought wise. Cue Snider: "Adam's made some choices we didn't agree with, and we're hoping that he's right."

With Dee working lights or cameras something (we didn't hear it explained) up in the control booth, Carolla reigned it in a bit and demonstrated his car knowledge, and did indeed do a good job, impressing his previously skeptical teammates. However, for reasons that escape us, the female team's under-prepared, overly dramatic and campy presentation was selected as the winner.

A noble effort to fall on the "You're Fired" grenade by Carolla -- refusing to name other elimination candidates -- backfired when Trump chose to send both him and (the human charisma vacuum known as) race car driver Michael Andretti home. Carolla's wit will be missed as much as Takei's class, but hey, our man Snider's another week closer to victory!