With Van Halen off the road and out of the studio, David Lee Roth has a lot more free time on his hands lately -- and as a result, he's much more likely to treat his website visitors to things like the new 'Super Floor Whitenoize Remix' of Van Halen's 'Jump.'

The track, created by San Francisco-based DJ duo Whitenoize, was recently posted at Dave's official site (via the Van Halen News Desk -- and as they say, "Fair Warning: This is for people who thought the original 'Jump' was too hard rock.")

The track was posted without explanation, so it's unclear what Roth's involvement was or how Whitenoize came to be involved, but it sounds like he at least contributed new vocals. Obviously, there are quite a few Van Halen fans who don't have much use for dance tracks, but Roth's apparent fondness for the new 'Jump' makes sense. Throughout his solo career, he demonstrated a healthy respect for a wide variety of styles and genres, so it stands to reason that he'd get a kick out of putting a fresh spin on a 30-year-old song.

This isn't the first time a DJ has given 'Jump' the white label treatment, but we're pretty sure it's the only one with any sort of official blessing from any of the members of the band. Check it out here, and start counting down the days to the inevitable full-length Van Halen remix album.

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