David Gilmour has revealed that he had some material left over from most recent solo album, Rattle That Lock, which he plans to use on a follow-up LP.

And he’s hoping it won’t take a decade to make this time. You can watch him talk about it in the above video, which promotes his new Live at Pompeii concert movie that was recorded during the Rattle That Lock tour.

“I feel very uncomfortable heading off out and doing another tour without having made new music,” Gilmour said. “There are several songs which are close to being complete, which didn’t make it onto this album. I can’t see myself doing another tour without making another album first. That takes me a while. It took 10 years last time. I’m really hoping that, without making any promises, it won’t take ten years this time, that I will get back in and start working again. Following that, yeah, I’ll be out again.”

Rattle That Lock, Gilmour's fourth solo album, was released in 2015, nine years after On an Island. The world tour in support of the record found him returning to Pompeii in 2016 – 44 years after he famously performed there with Pink Floyd. While Floyd’s document of their performance there was filmed without an audience, Gilmour’s solo appearance marked the first time since 79AD that a crowd had attended an event in the arena.

“It’s an extraordinary place to be because it’s preserved exactly as it was," he told Rolling Stone at the time. "You’re looking at rock surfaces, and the carving of letters and names in the stones looks like it was done yesterday.”

David Gilmour: Live at Pompeii will be screened for one night only at select theaters on Sept. 13 before it arrives on home video on Sept. 29. Tickets for the screening event are on sale now.

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