The upcoming album by David Gilmour will be called Rattle That Lock. The guitarist, who essentially dissolved Pink Floyd after last year’s The Endless River, disclosed the LP's title and some more information about its contents during a hosted discussion in which he and his wife and collaborator Polly Sampson participated at the 2015 Borris House Festival of Writing and Ideas in County Carlow, Ireland.

Someone from the Floyd fan site Brain Damage was in attendance, and noted that Gilmour was unwilling to disclose the title, but eventually caved. Samson added that if there was a theme to the album’s lyrics, it was “'Carpe Diem', seize every moment, look to the future, 'Just Do It' and don't be afraid or hold back.”

“Just Do It” may also be the name of one of the songs, with Gilmour saying that the track's riff was lifted from the four-or-five-note jingle that the French national railway system uses to announce arriving trains. The brief preview that Gilmour played was described by Brain Damage as “a really, really upbeat, uptempo guitar riffy tune, reminiscent of ‘The Nile Song,’” from the More soundtrack.

And it wouldn’t be a Q&A with a member of Pink Floyd without somebody bringing up talk of a Pink Floyd reunion. Gilmour’s response was “It ain’t gonna happen,” which echoes Roger Watersthoughts on the subject from last month.

The album still doesn't have a release date, but Gilmour will play a handful of dates in Europe in September, which suggests that the record will likely be out by then.

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