Dave Grohl and producer/multi-instrumentalist Greg Kurstin have returned with the second installment of their 2021 "Hanukkah Sessions," delivering a faithful rendition of the Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop.”

“Once upon a time, two nice Jewish boys from Queens named Jeffery Hyman and Thomas Erdelyi changed the world forever with their music….. as Joey and Tommy Ramone!” reads a message accompanying the cover. "GABBAI GABBAI HEY! Ladies and gentlemen….It’s the Ramones!”

Unlike their first 2021 session -- which saw Grohl and Kurstin completely rework Lisa Loeb’s “Stay (I Missed You)” as a death metal track -- the duo stayed close to the original with their Ramones cover.

In the video, which can be seen below, Grohl sits behind the kit, hammering out a punk rock backbeat while also providing vocals. Kurstin, meanwhile, proves to be a jack of all trades. Though he's best known as a producer -- having worked with a long list of artists that includes Adele, Paul McCartney and Beck -- Kurstin shows he can rock out with the best of them, alternating between riffs on the guitar and some surprisingly effective synthesizer parts during the cover.

The most notable change to the song comes in the form of a slight lyric tweak. While the original “Blitzkrieg Bop” famously featured the chant “Hey! Ho! Let’s go!” Grohl and Kurstin change the words to “Hey! Oy! Let’s goy!” in honor of the Jewish holiday.

Watch Dave Grohl and Greg Kurstin Cover 'Blitzkrieg Bop'

This marks the second year of the "Hanukkah Sessions" collaboration, which features Grohl and Kurstin covering a different Jewish artist on each night of the holiday. The 2020 edition included covers of music by Bob Dylan, the Knack, the Velvet Underground, Beastie Boys and Mountain.

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