Based on the highly amusing trailer, we already knew Alice Cooper was going to be in the new movie 'Dark Shadows,' which opens this Friday (May 11), but after seeing the film we can reveal that he's far from the only rocker whose music plays an important role in the film.

The Moody Blues' 1967 single 'Knights in White Satin' sets a suitably gothic, haunting mood for the opening scenes of the film, as star Johnny Depp, portraying cursed vampire Barnabas Collins, arises after a 200-year imprisonment at the hands of his jilted ex-girlfriend, who -- whoops! -- just happens to be a powerful witch.

It turns out Collins has awoken to a world far different from his own - 1972, to be exact. One of his first clues as to just how different this world is to his own comes from a visit to the room of his distant relative Carolyn Collins -- a rebellious 15-year-old teenager with Cooper, Jimi Hendrix and Iggy Pop posters all over her walls.

After failing to impress her regarding his hipness with a dramatic reading of Steve Miller's 'the Joker' -- a recent inductee to our Top 100 Classic Rock Songs list -- Collins takes the young girl's advice and books Cooper to perform at a big party designed to welcome the family back into their small town's high society.

Alice -- looking nearly as eternally young as Depp's own immortal character -- kicks off the proceedings with a strong reading of 'No More Mr. Nice Guy,' then dips into a more obscure song, 'The Ballad of Dwight Fry' from 1971's 'Love it to Death.' The slowly unfolding song turns out to be a surprisingly great fit for a series of scenes illustrating the advancement of the love triangle central to the film's plot.

The music of Donovan and T. Rex also turns up at various points during this clever and engaging film. You can keep up on all things related to 'Dark Shadows' and all the rest of the summer blockbusters over at Screencrush.

Watch the 'Dark Shadows' Trailer Featuring Alice Cooper

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