Could it be a new celebrity feud? Johnny Depp can be seen calling rock legend Alice Cooper an "ugly woman" in a newly released video. Okay, so maybe Depp himself didn't say that, but his latest film alter ego sure did in the trailer for the upcoming movie 'Dark Shadows.'

Barnabas, you see, is about to rise from the grave yet again! The long awaited film adaptation of the classic 1960's TV show is due in theaters May 11. Produced by Tim Burton and starring Johhny Depp as Barnabas Collins, vampire at large, as we reported back in October, the film also features a cameo from another 'evil' character from the era in the form of the one and only Alice Cooper.

Set in the early '70s, a new trailer from the film features music from Curtis Mayfield, the Carpenters, T. Rex, Barry White and Cooper. Depp gets in some good one liners here; it appears to us that 'evil' takes a back seat to humor in this take on the classic tale. Upon seeing the Carpenters performing on TV, Collins (aka Depp) asks "What sorcery is this? Reveal yourself tiny songstress!" and when confronted with a performance by Alice Cooper, he drolly comments, "ugliest woman I've ever seen."

The original television show was pretty damn eerie. The way it was shot, not on film but on videotape, the music, the soap opera style presentation...just kinda creepy all around. The film, however, appears to have that trademark Tim Burton look to it, and it's twisted take on the tale of the "late" Barnabas Collins could be enough to draw fans old and new into theaters this spring.

Depp and Cooper are in fact, quite friendly, even sharing the stage together for a rousing performance of 'I'm 18' at a tiny London club concert last June.

Watch Alice Cooper in the new 'Dark Shadows' Trailer


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