Earlier this week, a video of Dave Grohl calling a crying Foo Fighters fan onstage to sing "My Hero" went viral. And now, the man known as "Anthony" has surfaced to say that the tears were because he was overcome with emotion after having recently buried his mother.

Anthony called in to Colorado's KBCO to tell his story. "My mom died about six months ago," he said. "And I just got back from Europe putting her in her crypt, which is a crazy whole story in its own. He just started singing it and ... I felt all emo."

Grohl spotted Anthony crying in the crowd during a breakdown midway through the song and begged him to come up and sing with him, saying "I’m singing this s--- to you right now. I’m gonna sing this f---ing song right in your face, man-to-man, prison style."

But unlike others who would jump at the chance to share a microphone with a favorite musician, Anthony recoiled. "I was trying to hide from him. I was like, 'I'm not coming up.' ... I actually try to stay under the radar, but that doesn't happen in my world." And, he noted, it didn't help that he wasn't sure which verse was going to come next.

But there's one part of that viral video that Anthony has a problem with: the notion that he was, in Grohl's words, a "drunk emotional mess." "I was dead sober," he said. "I don't drink. I might have had a little Colorado green, but I'm not a drinker." Sill, Anthony didn't take it personally, and said of Grohl, "What a cool man he was, a super-cool dude."

In other Grohl news, his recent excursions into filmmaking have led to potential opportunities to explore that avenue of his creativity. He told Deadline this started after the 2013 release of the Sound City documentary.

"I started getting offers to do everything from narrative features to Heineken commercials," he said. "I get hit up with these things and I have to say, wait, I have this other job. It's exciting. ... There were a couple that caught me, and I thought, 'This could be really good.' All I need is to be able to imagine it in my head, picture it in my head, feel it in my heart, and then it’s a done deal. It’s done. I’m not nervous or worried about it at all because all I have to do is exorcise that, get it out of me and I feel that it will work. It’s so exciting, it’s unknown territory, uncharted, and those are the most exciting projects, musically and otherwise."

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